1310nm 200MHz 10ns Rise-time SM/PM Optical Fiber Coupled AOM

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1310nm 200MHz 10ns Rise-time SM/PM1550 Optical Fiber Coupled AOM

Optical switch
Laser wavelength shift

Lead Time: 3~4 weeks


Parameter Unit Min Max Typical Value Remarks
Material TeO²
Wavelength nm 1310
Average Optical Power Handling W 0.5
Peak(pulse) Optical Power Handling kW 0.5
Ultrasonic Velocity m/s 4200
Insertion Loss dB 5
Polarized Extinction Ratio (PER) dB 18
ER(1st order ON/OFF) dB 60
Return Loss (RF ON) dB 40
Rise/Fall-Time ns 10 (10%~90%)
Center Frequency MHz 200
Frequency Shift MHz +200 -200MHz can be customized
Radio Frequency Power W 2.5
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) 1.2:1
Input Resistance Ω 50
Device Interface SMA
Fiber Type SM/PM Fiber Choose
Fiber Length m 1
Fiber Termination FC/APC
Operating Temperature -20~+60
Storage Temperature -30~+70


Weight 1.53 kg
Fiber Type


RF Driver


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