780nm 110MHz Free Space AOM with RF Driver

This is 780nm acousto-optic modulator with RF Driver. The radio frequency interface is SMA. The working wavelength of this AOM is 780nm, it is a free space mode, mode, and

1550nm 150MHz SM Fiber Coupled AOM

This is a 1550nm fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulator with a driver. The 1550nm acousto-optic modulator is an external modulation technology, and the acousto-optic device that controls the intensity of the laser

2023 ASE light source (Amplified Spontaneous emission)

ASE light source (Amplified Spontaneous emission) is an important light source technology, which plays a key role in many fields. The continuous development of ASE light sources, from lasers to

1064nm 100MHz Acousto-Optic Modulator with PM Fiber

What we bring today is 1064nm AOM with polarization maintaining fiber output. Both free-space output and fiber-coupled AOMs can be customized. Let’s check it now. Customers can be provided with

1550nm 200MHz Fiber Coupled AO Modulator

This is a 1550nm 200MHz Fiber Coupled AOM with Driver. It is equipped with single-mode fiber, and polarization-maintaining fiber can also be customized. The radio frequency interface is SMA. We