Refund Policy


Refund Policy

1. The product stopped selling, the buyer can apply for a refund.
2. Non-customized products, if the seller has not shipped the products, the buyer can apply for a refund.
3. Customized products, if the seller has not yet arranged for production, buyer can apply for a refund.
4. Received the product within 7 days, if the buyer find the product has encountered the following issues, buyer can apply for a refund or exchange a new one or ask the free repair:
(1) The products do not match the product page’s description.
(2) Seller send the wrong product to buyer.
(3) The products have quality problem.
(4) For the customized products, the product did not achieve customization needs.


Refund process

1. Contact us for a refund.
2. If you have received the product, return the product to us.
3. The customer pays the return shipping fee.
4. Below is our address:
Name: wang xiaohan
Address: Binjiang District Xincheng Road NO.99 KaiHe Building, 215 Room,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China
Zip: 310053
phone: 15925689009
5. When our return center receive the buyer’s return product, we will arrange the refund immediately.
The time you receive the refund will vary according to the method of payment.
6. The refund amount does not include the tariffs paid by the customer and the shipping fee of the customer’s return the product;

Refund method

1. PayPal payment customers , we will refund directly to your PayPal account;
2. Bank transfer customers need to tell us your bank account, we will be within 7 working days to arrange a refund.