UV Xenon Light Source HPX-2000 SMA905 Optical Fiber Output

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UV Xenon Light Source HPX-2000 SMA905 Optical Fiber Output

To simulate sunlight, most photochemical experiments require a light source with a spectrum similar to that of sunlight. The xenon lamp system is a high-power full-band light source with continuous wavelength distribution. It has an output wavelength range of 200 to 2200 nm and is equipped with imported xenon lamp bulbs and advanced module cooling technology to ensure concentrated and stable output of light energy. The high-efficiency coupling SMA905 interface output makes it convenient for the effective use of light in the test. The system can be loaded with multi-specification filters and other optional accessories to improve the convenience of the experiment.

Xenon light sources are widely used in spectrum application analysis, photocatalysis, photolysis of water to produce hydrogen, photochemical catalysis, photochemical synthesis, photodegradation of pollutants, water pollution treatment, biological illumination, optical detection, various simulated sunlight acceleration experiments, and ultraviolet band acceleration experiments And other research fields.

1. High-power output, high-power light source dedicated to fluorescence.
2. Ultraviolet-visible range: covering the spectrum of 200-2200.
3. Modular heat dissipation method extends the life of the bulb.
4. Efficient electro-optical conversion efficiency, can output high-energy parallel light, and the optical power can reach up to 8 mW.
5. Simple optical structure, you can choose different wavelengths and bands to meet the needs of diversified use.
6. The modular design greatly improves the safety and stability of the product.
7. It can achieve high energy density and continuous irradiation for a long time.
8. Abundant optional accessories, and multi-purpose expansion.

Product Name: Xenon Light Source
Model: HPX-2000
Wavelength Range: 200nm~2200nm
Bulb Power: 50W
Output Power: 8.0mW
Input Voltage:220V AC
Size: 145mm x 165mm x 340mm
Net Weight: 4kg
Bulb Lifetime: > 1000hrs

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