488nm 25mW Blue PM Fiber Laser Lab Laser System

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488nm 25mW Blue PM Fiber Laser Lab Laser System

488nm is the common blue laser in experiments, and this laser is coupled with PM fiber output. It is commonly used in applications such as flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, and semiconductor inspection.

Fiber is pluggable
Polarization ratio>70:1
TEC temperature control, air cooling

Fluorescence spectroscopy, photodetection, optical measurement, etc.

Lead Time: About 2~4 weeks.


Parameter*1 Working Conditions Symbol Min. Value Typical Value Max. Value Unit
Optical Parameters
Output Power(CW) @PO PO 25 mW
Power Stability (RMS) 2hrs Ps 3 %
Central Wavelength @PO λc 483 488 493 nm
Spectral Linewidth (FWHM) @PO Δλ 1 2 nm
Preheat Time @PO Tw 5 min
Noise RMS(10Hz-100MHz) N 1 %
Polarization Ratio @PO 70:1
Optical Fiber Parameter Index*²
Fiber Specifications PM Fiber
Fiber Length L 1.0 m
Fiber Numerical Aperture NA 0.12
Fiber Interface FC-PC/FC-APC
Electrical Parameter Index
Operating Voltage @PO Vin 90 220 245 V
TTL Modulating Frequency 100 KHz
Electrical Parameter Index
Service Life*³ @PO/room temperature MTTF 10,000 Hrs
Operating Temperature Tstg 0 40
Storage Temperature Topr -20 65
Note *1: Test data at 25°C operating temperature;
*²: Fiber length and fiber interface can be customized;
*³: The service life refers to the service life of the laser diode.


Weight 1.14 kg
Fiber Connector


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