HL1000 HL1000-CUV Halogen Light Source For Spectral Detection

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HL1000 HL1000-CUV  360~2500nm Halogen Light Source For Spectral Detection

The HL1000 halogen light source can be equipped with a cuvette holder (HL1000-CUV), which can directly transmit and absorb the cuvette or filter.

Reflection/transmission spectrum: The output stability of the light source intensity affects the reliability of the results. In addition, the higher the color temperature, the better the short-band signal-to-noise ratio.
Irradiance calibration: In many applications, a standard radiation source is required. Generally speaking, the longer the life of this light source, the more stable the light output, the better.

1. Long lifetime: >10000hrs
2. The output light intensity can be adjusted, the adjustment range is 0~100%.
3. Using advanced power control system, the output spectrum is stable.
4. Wide wavelength range: 360~2500nm. It can output a smooth spectral curve and is suitable for various optical inspections.
5. The optical power output drifts no more than 2‰ per hour.
6. The filament positioning accuracy higher than ±0.127mm is used as the standard radiation source.

Color measurement analysis
Food and Drug Spectral Analysis
Environmental water pollution spectrum analysis, etc.

Product Name: Halogen Light Source
Model: HL1000 / HL1000-CUV (Choose)
Wavelength Range: 360~2500nm
Power Consumption: 5W (1.5~20W can be customized.)
Bulb Voltage: 5V
Power Supply: 85~250V AC
Color Temperature: 2800K
Output Optical Power: 600um=3.0mW
Stability: <0.15%/hr
Size: 150mm x 75mm x 50mm
Lifetime: 10000 hrs

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