1550nm 5mW/10mW/20mW DFB Laser Diode 14-Pin Butterfly SM/PM Fiber Laser

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1550nm 5mW/10mW/20mW DFB Laser Diode 14-Pin Butterfly SM/PM Fiber Laser

The DFB laser diodes are offered at customer-specified wavelengths across the 1550nm C-Band ITU grid. It is offered in a hermetically sealed 14 pin butterfly package and include a thermoelectric cooler (TEC), thermistor, monitor PD and optical isolator.
It comes in a 14-pin butterfly package with an industry-standard type pin configuration and SMF28 Fiber or PM fiber, FC/APC Connector.

1. Power and spectral stability
2. Special line width
3. 14-Pin butterfly package
4. SM or PM fiber output
5. Wavelength, power can be customized

1. Fiber sensing
2. Helium fiber laser
3. Nonlinear fiber optics
4. DWDM optical fiber communication system

Electrical Character

Parameter Symbol Test Condition Min Typ. Max Unit
Peak Optical Output Power Pp 10 mW
Threshold Current Ith CW 14 25 mA
Driving Current Po=10mW 60 70 100 mA
Laser Forward Voltage Vlf Po=10mW 1.1 2.0 V
Laser Operating Temperature Tld 15 35
Monitor Reverse Voltage VRMON 3 5 10 V
Monitor Current IRMON Po=10mW 0.1 2 mA
Monitor Dark Current ID IF=0mA,VRMON=5V 0.01 0.1 µA
Input Resistance ZIN 25 Ω
Thermistor Current ITC 10 100 µA
Thermistor Resistance RTH TL =25℃ 9.5 10.5
TEC Current ITEC TL =25℃, Taround =70℃ 0.8 1.5 A
TEC Voltage VTEC TL =25℃, Taround =70℃ 1.5 3.5 V

Fiber & Connector

Parameter Symbol Description Min Typ. Max Unit
Pigtail Length L SM or PM Fiber 1.0 m
Connector Type FC/APC

Optical Character(LD chip @25℃)

Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ. Max Unit
Center Wavelength λC TL=15~35℃
CW 10mW
1549.92 1550.12 1550.32 nm
Linewidth LW CW 10mW 3 MHz
Bandwidth(@-3dB) BW CW 10mW 2.5 GHz
Relative Intensity Noise RIN 10mW,50MHz-5GHz -140 dB/Hz
Side-mode Suppression Ratio SMSR CW 10mW 35 40 dB
Polarization Extinction Ratio ER 20 dB
Optical Isolation 0℃~70℃ 30 dB
Wavelength Drift 25 years ±0.1 nm
Temperature Coefficient dλ/dT 15℃~48℃ 0.09 nm/℃
Dynamic Spectral Width △λ 2.5GHz, @-20dB 0.22 nm

1550nm DFB laser1550nm DFB laser

1550nm DFB laser

Weight 1.11 kg
Output Power

5mW, 10mW, 20mW

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