532nm 100MHz Free Space AOM 1mm Clear aperture

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532nm 100MHz Free Space AOM 1mm Clear aperture

A free-space acousto-optic modulator is a device that combines sound and light signals for transmission, which can transmit signals without optical fibers. This technology is widely used in the field of wireless communication, such as wireless local area network, mobile communication and satellite communication.

Optical switch
Laser wavelength shift

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Parameter Unit Min Max Typical Value Remarks
Material TeO²
Wavelength nm 532
Average Optical Power Density W 250W/mm²
Ultrasonic Velocity m/s 4200
Diffraction Efficiency % 90 85
Center Frequency MHz 100 Customizable
3dB Bandwidth MHz ±20
Clear Aperture mm 1
RF Power W 0.4
Rising Time ns
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio 1.2:1
Input Resistance Ω 50
Deflection Angle mrad
Device Interface SMA
Operating Temperature -10~+60
Storage Temperature -30~+70


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