Deuterium Halogen Wide Spectrum Light Source DH-mini Fiber Output

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Deuterium Halogen Wide Spectrum Light Source DH-mini Fiber Output

DH-mini is a compact deuterium tungsten light source with small size and low power consumption. It is an excellent choice for spectrum integration and wide-band spectrum analysis. This product optimizes the characteristic peaks of the deuterium lamp, and its spectral curve is smooth.

The DH-mini system is a UV-Vis-Nir light source with complete components, including a deuterium lamp with a transparent design, a 0.25W tungsten lamp, a shutter, an optical system and an SMA905 interface. All components are installed in a 12V DC/600mA power supply. The deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp and shutter can all be independently controlled by TTL signals.

Service life and cycle work:

The DH-mini deuterium lamp uses a high-frequency driven electrodeless discharge lamp (EDL). Its lighting times will not shorten its service life. It can be turned on and off according to instructions and can be cycled. The continuous working life of the warranty exceeds 1000 hours. The cyclic operation of the optical fiber connector extends its working life to 3 years. In addition, the repeatability between pulses is stable and consistent, and the deviation is within 0.1%. Instant opening and homeopathic stability.

DH-mini is the only deuterium lamp that can instantly turn on and output a stable spectrum. This feature makes it unique among UV light sources. Therefore, DH-mini is an ideal light source for analysis instruments used for pollution monitoring. During monitoring, only the absorption spectrum is measured for a few seconds, and the measurement is repeated after a long interval. In this monitoring, Fiberlight is only turned on for a short measurement time, and most of the time it is turned off. Undoubtedly, its measurement stability is excellent due to the repeatability between pulses.

Application example:

To measure the nitrate content in sewage, turn on the DH-mini for 2 seconds, measure the nitrate absorption spectrum, and repeat the measurement every 60 seconds. The measurement stability is excellent, and the service life under this working condition can be as long as 3 years.

UV-Vis-Nir spectrum analysis in the laboratory.
Environmental testing such as water quality monitoring, sewage analysis, marine chemistry, biological determination, etc.
Process control
Independent light source
Spectral calibration


Prameter Value
Spectral distribution 185~2500nm
Power consumption 6W
Power supply 12V DC / 0.6A DC
Operating temperature 5~35℃
Size 180 x 64 x 48 mm
Weight 500g
Shutter Yes
Tungsten lamp Yes
External control Lamp (deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp) independent switch
The shutter opens and closes
Green LED lights up when 12VDC power supply voltage is applied
Outgoing light Focused beam or parallel beam
Fiber interface SMA905
Numerical aperture NA Deuterium lamp 0.245, tungsten lamp 0.057
Deuterium lamp
Spectral distribution 185~400nm
Window material Fused quartz
Light output (radiation intensity) ≥ 5×10-8 W/sr @ 240 nm
Stability ≤1×10-3 AU
Drift ≥ 0.25% /hr
Excitation frequency 250 kHz
Operating voltage ~1kV
Service life ≥ 1000 hours @240 nm (50% intensity attenuation)
Power consumption ~5W
Tungsten lamp
Spectral distribution 400~2500nm
Voltage 5V DC
Current 45mA DC
Typical service life ≥ 2000 hrs

Weight 5.12 kg
Optical Fiber


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